Concept of Ocean Tigers

Ocean Tigers is a dive house exclusively for freedivers and scuba divers alike. When you take a course with us, we provide you an included private room during the entire time you practice improving your skills.

You also have the option to rent the entire full house and bring your friends or family along, up to 16 guests.

You can also book other activities with us for that extra special Cabo San Lucas paradise feeling.

Our Amenities

  • Swimming Pool
  • Terrace
  • Kitchen to Cook
  • A Living Room with Sofa, Play Station 4, and Netflix
  • Awesome Staff
  • Hammocks and BBQ to Chill out
  • 3 Private Rooms with Bunk Beds
  • 2 Private Bathrooms and 1 Shared Bathroom
Book with us directly for the best rates.

Full House Ocean Tigers
ocean tigers divehouse diving in cabo full house

Are you looking for a house to chill out with your friends and a lot of space to party? Ocean Tigers Dive House is perfect for that. It can welcome up to 16 guests and give you a lot of freedom. It's like your oasis in the city.

Bring all your friends and enjoy the entire house all to yourselves.

About Ocean Tigers Dive House Freediving And Scuba Diving In Cabo San Lucas.

Ocean Tigers dive house is your new diving and freediving house, done for guests that want to get into or already have an interest in diving or freediving in the Cabo San Lucas area of Baja California.

 The company was founded in 2015 by two friends, one French and the other Japanese. With their love of diving and travel, they launched the grand opening of the dive house on January 1st of 2016.Here we pride ourselves on providing that "home sweet home" feeling people love so much with service centered around the love of the ocean.

At the second you step into the door, we become your friends. I mean, At the end of your diving or freediving day we have a pool, Netflix, ps4, an awesome staff, throw random BBQ parties, or just chill in the hammocks, and so much more.

Ocean Tigers Dive House is also an escape from the tourism, city noise, and hustling. But, with that being said we are no more than a walking distance away from the party, beach, and restaurants. Don't just take our words for it, come check us out if you are ever in the Cabo San Lucas area of Baja California.

Our House Freediving And Scuba Diving In Cabo San Lucas.

Our House and Rooms Freediving And Scuba Diving In Cabo San Lucas.

Freediving With Ocean Tigers In Cabo Located In Cabo San Lucas With A Focus On Freediving.

Ocean Tigers Dive House was founded by one of the very first AIDA Instructors, Benoit Frachet. Ben grew up in Nice, France, and started freediving in 1997, just a few years after AIDA was formed. From a very young age, Ben fell in love with the sport and ended up traveling around the world sharing his passions. With his Instructor trainer certification, in the Cabo San Lucas area, Ben and Ocean Tigers offer decades of freediving instructional experience from casual to formal freediving in AIDA until instructor certification or PADI master free diver Certifications. We have the honor to be able to offer you the first AIDA instructor courses of the history of Los Cabos

Prior to forming Ocean Tigers Dive House, Michael Guild, the other founder, also ended up falling in love with the sport. In a search for proper training and education, Michael stumbbled upon Ben in Cabo San Lucas. At the time, Ben was one of the few AIDA Certified Instructors in all of Mexico. Afterwards Ben and Michael became friends; And thus, Ocean Tigers Dive House was born.

Credit Pictures Alexander De La Hoya ALEXANDER

Why Freediving? Why do people want to learn how to free dive?

Why freediving? Many have asked. Why do you want to hold your breath until your body is screaming for air and see how far you can go, when you can strap a scuba tank on your back and go as far and stay underwater as you want? Well, freediving is not at all like this! It is not about your body screaming for air and not about suffering for lack of oxygen. Freedivers don’t come back from a dive looking like they are about to suffocate, but most of the time they break the surface with a big smile stamped on their face.

Why are they smiling? That is hard to explain to people who have never tried it! The feeling of gliding in the blue water, the feeling of being at peace submerged in this big vast liquid world, the feeling of becoming a sea creature, the feeling of belonging that makes us almost remember our real aquatic origins; all of this condensed in a 1 or 2 minutes experience, makes it very hard not to smile!


Start Freediving from Zero or Almost

and Become a Super Hero Assistant Instructor or Instructor


AIDA2 and AIDA3 or PADI Freediver
Advanced Freediver
20% Discount
Course price $640.00
Deposit $128.00

AIDA3 and AIDA4 or PADI Advanced Freediver
Master Freediver
20% Discount
Course price $832.00
Deposit $166.00

AIDA2 AIDA3 and AIDA4 or PADI Freediver
Advanced and Master Freediver
30% Discount
Course price $973.00
Deposit $195.00

AIDA4 and Instructor 20% Discount
Course price $1440.00
Deposit $300.00

Courses Includes
Freediving Equipments
Entire Stay Offered During the Course

Scuba Diving In Cabo With Ocean Tigers.Learn To Scuba Dive Now In Cabo, San Lucas!.

Ocean Tigers Dive House specializes in freediving and diving in the Cabo San Lucas area. We offer casual scuba diving, PADI certified scuba diving, and professional PADI Dive Master Certifications with decades of experience from our expert instructors. We also offer many other PADI scuba diving speciality courses here in Cabo San Lucas!.

Here at Ocean Tigers Dive House, we focus on safety and ocean preservation. We care a lot about proper training and the care of our oceans. In doing so, we volunteer and work with the locals and non-profits that specialize in nature preservation. Contact us for details and possible promotions.

Certified Divers and Introduction Scuba Diving Courses Any diving course needs it's own manual PADI manual ( eLearning ) not include in the rates of the Course

Advanced Courses


Cabo Pulmo The Oldest Living Coral Reef in North America

Cabo Pulmo is a world class diving site. Seasonal from June to December

At 2.5 hours from Cabo San Lucas by car, we will bring you to a small village in the middle of no where at the sea of Cortez.

A national park is waiting for you with the most amazing schools of fish you can imagine: giant jacks, groupers, morey eels, bull sharks, rays, wrecks are a few of the specimen you meet. Dive at the famous dive sites like el Vencedor, el Bajo, Los Morros, el Cantil... A full day trip you will never forget. Oceantigers Dive House is
within Cabo. We provide freediving in Cabo Pulmo because we've proven our expertise as well as our respects towards the nature preserve.

Cabo Pulmo Gallery

Freediving Excursion Includes:

  • Transportation
  • Famous Cabo Pulmo Dive Sites
  • Water and Sodas
  • Entrance Fees
  • Freediving Equipment
  • Lunch

2 Tanks Dives Excursion Includes

  • Transportation
  • 2 tanks Dives in the National Park
  • 2 tanks Dives
  • Entrance Fees
  • Scuba Diving Equipment
  • Water and Soda
  • Lunch

Whale Shark Snorkeling and Espiritu Santo Island visit in La Paz Swim with the coolest shark in the world

Whale sharks season from beginning of October to the end of April. Don't hesitate to see the biggest and amazing fishes in the world. You can see them in La Paz and combine the tour with a visit of Espiritu Santo Island and the sea lions colony.

Different combinations are possible, please write us to evaluate your needs and budget:

  • Only whale shark snorkeling
  • Whale shark snorkeling and dive
  • Whale shark snorkeling and snorkeling at Espiritu Santo Island
  • 2 Tanks dives at Espiritu Santo
  • Dive with the giant manta rays, seasonal only

Example of 1 full day trip

  • Transportation
  • National park entrance
  • 1 tank dive or snorkeling
  • 2 hours snorkeling with the whale sharks
  • Lunch on the beach

WHALE WATCHING From December to April in Cabo San Lucas, you can observe whales like humpbacks and more

Morning and afternoon, come and see this beautiful and clever creature, you are going to use a speed boat what brings you straight to the action. Observe the tales, and see them breaching. You can also be able to see dolphins, sea lions, mobula rays jumping out of the water and different kinds of other whales.

Activity price:

$90.00 USD

Trip includes:

  • 2 hours whales observation with a speed boat

Whale Watching Gallery

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